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By Surprise has stocks of various class corporate gifts and promotional items for your business ideas and promotions. Thus we can be of use to you in the situations in which you have to organize various advertising events at extremely short notices. If the promotional gifts are not in stock, they can be delivered with express direct import from Europe within 24 hours. You can always find with us: writing tools (various classes of plastic and metal pens, pens, automatic pencils, rollers and kits) advertising textiles (t-shirts, caps, visors, bandanas, sweatshirts, jackets, vests, shirts, cravats, ties, work apparel) cups and thermo bottles (ceramic cups and glasses, thermo cups, thermo bottles, kits, kettles) summer items (inflatable balls, frisbees, beach towels, flip-flops, beach bags, table tennis, badminton rackets, inflatable mattresses and armchairs, picnic bags) keychains (plastic keychains, metal keychains, kits, custom-made keychains) lighters (plastic lighters, metal lighters, luxury lighters, kits) backpacks, bags, promotional bags (promotional bags, bags for documents, laptop bags, clothes cases, school and sports backpacks, laptop backpacks, sports bags, cooler bags, suitcases) electronic and Hi Tech accessories (USB flash memory sticks, chargers for mobile devices, headphones, loud speakers, trackers, 3D goggles, gadgets) umbrellas (folding umbrellas, non-folding umbrellas, automatic, special shapes) clocks (wall clocks, desk clocks, weather station, watches, clocks with individual design) promotional items, suitable for sports events, as well as for the leisure time – picnic and barbecue accessories, cosmetic bags, travel cases

Contact us: town of Sofia, 202, Tzar Simeon St.; tel./fax: 02/ 954 93 31; tel./fax: 02/ 951 67 68; Send an inquiry to e-mail address: