You have a name but you do not have a specific visualization for your corporate materials?

We can fulfill the design and preprint preparation of your corporate identity – logo, folders, letterheads, envelopes, business cards. After that we will print them on the best printing machines in Bulgaria. You want to be recognizable, we, at By Surprise, can make unique, custom designed gifts for your customers. You want to be noticed, we, at By Surprise, will design your invitations to events, posters, notice boards, etc. You want to have individual diaries with calendars, pads with a cover by your choice, office and multi-page calendars and menus for restaurants, we, at By Surprise, will make them for you.


Your personal signature, your message and your imprint.

This is what makes the product unique and just for you. Find out for yourselves that in the face of By Surprise you will discover a partner, who will fulfill with uncompromising quality:
  Screen printing – appropriate for branding of various types of textiles, plastics, wood, both for small and larger circulations.
  Digital printing – suitable for printing on a variety of surfaces of full-colour logos and images. This printing method is the most cost-effective one for small and medium-size circulations on plastic and PVC items – pens, boxes, USB flash memory stick, chargers and other small promotional items. Digital printing is also used for the production of small amounts of paper items – folders, letterheads, business cards, menus.
  Pad printing – suitable for printing on plastics, wood, metal, etc. It is used to print fine elements with high resolution mostly in one or two colours.
  Thermal-transfer printing – suitable for printing on a variety of textile foundations. Allows the printing of full-colour images on items with uneven foundations too.
  Embroidery – suitable for branding on textile materials. Prior development of embroidery software with the specific size of the logo or image is necessary for its use.
  Laser engraving – suitable for branding on metal, wood and glass. Allows for the development of extremely fine and detailed ornaments of logos and images.
  Sublimation printing – suitable for branding on ceramic and polyester surfaces. Often requires special sublimation coating on the item.
  Offset printing – suitable for large circulations of printed materials.
We offer the making of sample pilot items to be approved by you before the branding of the whole amount.

Business ideas

We implement your business ideas

By Surprise has stocks of various class corporate gifts and promotional items for your business ideas and promotions. Thus we can be of use to you in the situations in which you have to organize various advertising events at extremely short notices. If the promotional gifts are not in stock, they can be delivered with express direct import from Europe within 24 hours. You can always find with us: writing tools (various classes of plastic and metal pens, pens, automatic pencils, rollers and kits) advertising textiles (t-shirts, caps, visors, bandanas, sweatshirts, jackets, vests, shirts, cravats, ties, work apparel) cups and thermo bottles (ceramic cups and glasses, thermo cups, thermo bottles, kits, kettles) summer items (inflatable balls, frisbees, beach towels, flip-flops, beach bags, table tennis, badminton rackets, inflatable mattresses and armchairs, picnic bags) keychains (plastic keychains, metal keychains, kits, custom-made keychains) lighters (plastic lighters, metal lighters, luxury lighters, kits) backpacks, bags, promotional bags (promotional bags, bags for documents, laptop bags, clothes cases, school and sports backpacks, laptop backpacks, sports bags, cooler bags, suitcases) electronic and Hi Tech accessories (USB flash memory sticks, chargers for mobile devices, headphones, loud speakers, trackers, 3D goggles, gadgets) umbrellas (folding umbrellas, non-folding umbrellas, automatic, special shapes) clocks (wall clocks, desk clocks, weather station, watches, clocks with individual design) promotional items, suitable for sports events, as well as for the leisure time – picnic and barbecue accessories, cosmetic bags, travel cases

Corporate gifts

If you have a budget for promotional activities but do not know what promotional item to choose, the team of By Surprise will always choose for you the perfect set of offers of the most suitable corporate gifts in the searched price range, depending on the time of import or production you have. We will select for you the best corporate promotional gifts (image or product gifts):
coin collectors
business card cases
advertising umbrellas
thermos flasks
thermo cups
picnic items
USB sticks and chargers
promotional backpacks and bags
VIP items of leather or ecological materials
custom-made ladies’ and men’s accessories
writing tools
diaries with calendars and desk sets
completely custom-made items

Request a non-standard advertising medium! It will be a pleasure for us to make it.

Advertising campaigns

By Surprise has many years of experience in the implementation of large-scale advertising campaigns. A number of national and international companies trusted us and continue to trust, on a daily basis, our professionalism in the planning and execution of a variety of advertising campaigns in the pharmaceutical, insurance, banking, telecommunications sectors, as well as for large-scale promotions of companies, distributors of alcoholic drinks, beer, food products, fuels and cosmetics. We work with certified end producers, which enables us to carry out large-scale projects related to public procurement awards and tenders.

Advertising logistics

You decide, we deliver.

Advertising logistics is a key element of any campaign or promotional event. When planning a large-scale advertising campaign or when a particular promotional event is held in a place different from your office or store, you can count on us to implement the entire advertising logistics of the ordered items, so that you have your materials directly at the event or your points of promotion. We will save you time, energy and resources for delivery of the ordered goods.

Printed materials

By Surprise can fully respond to your needs of complete advertising service. You can also rely on us for:
your corporate materials
diaries with calendars
business cards
office and multi-page calendars
all kinds of custom-made printed materials
We will offer you competitive prices and short completion times for both small and larger circulations. You will find a wide range of promotional items, made from paper with us:
sunshades for cars
playing cards
carnival masks
non-standard promotional teasers
wet and dry wipes
custom-made sticky notes
advertising foils

Contact us: town of Sofia, 202, Tzar Simeon St.; tel./fax: 02/ 954 93 31; tel./fax: 02/ 951 67 68; Send an inquiry to e-mail address:

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