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Model: Aluminum wireless speaker
Aluminum wireless speaker. Its bottom glows blue when the mode is on. Its lithium battery is 300 mAh, with playback for up to 4 hours. It has a function to play incoming calls. Range up to 10 m...
20.00лв. 23.00лв.
Ex Tax:20.00лв.
Model: Balenciaga functional bag
Balenciaga bag, modern and functional design, dimensions Ф 33 x H 65 cm. Sports bag made of high quality eco leather with adjustable shoulder handle and additional handle for carrying by hand. Incredibly comfortable for sports. Collects luggage for short trips...
45.00лв. 52.00лв.
Ex Tax:45.00лв.
Model: Fleece blanket
Single colour blanket with handy pouch and drawstring closure. Blanket size is 150 x 120 cm. 100% Polar fleece, 200 g/m2...
Ex Tax:10.50лв.
Model: Автоматичен чадър
Folding umbrella with automatic opening with three sections in a case.Color blueDiameter: 98 cm..
10.00лв. 12.00лв.
Ex Tax:10.00лв.
Model: Multitool and torch set
Set with 14 functions, stainless steel multitool with aluminium anodised handle and aluminium torch with 9 white LED’s...
Ex Tax:31.00лв.
Model: Термочаша
Thermo cup with a capacity of 455 ml.Double-walled travel cup made of stainless steel.Capacity: 455 ml.Size: Ø8X16.5CM..
10.00лв. 12.00лв.
Ex Tax:10.00лв.
Model: Безжична батерия за зареждане с 4 000 mAh
4,000 mAh plastic wireless rechargeable battery with high quality lithium polymer battery. It has a built-in 5W wireless charger for wireless charging of your mobile phone. Compatible with all QI-enabled devices such as the latest generation Android, iPhone 8 and later. USB output: 5V / 2.1A. Input:..
40.00лв. 45.00лв.
Ex Tax:40.00лв.
Model: Wireless tray
Stylish 5W wireless charger with valet tray made out of high quality PU and ABS. Simply place your phone on the PU pad to start charging your phone. The tray can be used to keep your desk organised. The wireless charger includes a USB and type C output to charge your device via cable. Input 5V/2A Wi..
Ex Tax:52.00лв.
Model: Ключодържател отварачка
Ключодържател отварачка, Булет, алуминий, черен...
2.50лв. 3.00лв.
Ex Tax:2.50лв.
Model: Сак за пътуване от полиестер
Сак за пътуване изработен от 600Д полиестер, с едно основно отделение и един преден джоб.Размер: 58/38/27 см...
50.00лв. 56.00лв.
Ex Tax:50.00лв.
Model: Флашка, 4 ГБ
Флашка, 4 ГБ, червена..
7.50лв. 8.50лв.
Ex Tax:7.50лв.
Brand: Apple Model: Чанта за лаптоп Balenciaga
Чанта за лаптоп Balenciaga..
40.00лв. 48.00лв.
Ex Tax:40.00лв.
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