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This is what makes the product unique and just for you. Find out for yourselves that in the face of By Surprise you will discover a partner, who will fulfill with uncompromising quality:

  Screen printing – appropriate for branding of various types of textiles, plastics, wood, both for small and larger circulations.

  Digital printing – suitable for printing on a variety of surfaces of full-colour logos and images. This printing method is the most cost-effective one for small and medium-size circulations on plastic and PVC items – pens, boxes, USB flash memory stick, chargers and other small promotional items. Digital printing is also used for the production of small amounts of paper items – folders, letterheads, business cards, menus.

  Pad printing – suitable for printing on plastics, wood, metal, etc. It is used to print fine elements with high resolution mostly in one or two colours.

  Thermal-transfer printing – suitable for printing on a variety of textile foundations. Allows the printing of full-colour images on items with uneven foundations too.

  Embroidery – suitable for branding on textile materials. Prior development of embroidery software with the specific size of the logo or image is necessary for its use.

  Laser engraving – suitable for branding on metal, wood and glass. Allows for the development of extremely fine and detailed ornaments of logos and images.

  Sublimation printing – suitable for branding on ceramic and polyester surfaces. Often requires special sublimation coating on the item.

  Offset printing – suitable for large circulations of printed materials.

We offer the making of sample pilot items to be approved by you before the branding of the whole amount.

Contact us: town of Sofia, 202, Tzar Simeon St.; tel./fax: 02/ 954 93 31; tel./fax: 02/ 951 67 68; Send an inquiry to e-mail address: