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Model: Badminton
Badminton set including 2 shuttlecocks and 2 badminton rackets. Comes with its own plastic carry bag with shoulder strap...
Model: Размер: 22 x 2,5 x 6
Bring your own reusable bamboo utensils wherever you go. Reduce plastic waste and help protect our planet. These utensils can also be decomposed, so they will not pollute the environment. Set includes: spoon, fork, knife, straw and brush. Beautifully packed in canvas travel pouch.Size: 22 x 2,5 x 6..
Model: Foldable drone
WiFi foldable and rechargeable drone including camera for taking photos and videos. Supplied with remote control unit. You can control the drone with your mobile device via an app. 2 AAA batteries excluded. Rechargeable Li-Ion 200 mAh...
Model: Кошница за пикник за четирима души
4 person wicker picnic basket set. It comes with 1 bottle opener, 4 stainless steel spoons, forks and knives, 4 ceramic plates, 4 glasses and 4 polycotton napkins. The lid opens in two ways with the cutlery attached. There will be enough space inside the basket to fill it with delicious food and dri..
Model: Picnic basket for 2
2 person wicker picnic basket set. It comes with 1 bottle opener, 2 stainless steel spoons, forks and knives, 2 ceramic plates, 2 glasses and 2 polycotton napkins. All nicely attached to the lid, so the entire basket can be filled with delicious food and drinks. Easy to take with you by carrying it ..
Model: Runband
Lycra wristband with reflective stripes and integrated zippered pocket...
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